Q.) What is the delivery process?

Once the order is confirmed you will be getting a confirmation mail from Umtaro.

Q.) How long does delivery take?

Orders with in Pakistan will take 3-5 working days based on demographics.

For international orders it will take 10-12 working days.

Q.) How can we ensure best quality product online?

At Umtaro our motto for the success is to provide the best quality product to our customers.

Q.) Do you deliver outside Pakistan?

Yes, Umtaro delivers outside Pakistan.

Q.) Why was my order cancelled / not delivered on time?

Order might be cancel due to following reason.

  • - Incomplete order details.
  • - Stock unavailability.

Q.) How can I order a shirt from Umtaro?

Simply click on the shirt you like, mention your details and checkout.

Q.) Can I order through Facebook or Instagram?

Yes, you can shop through Facebook and Instagram.

Q.) Is cash on delivery available?

Yes, for Pakistan only.

Q.) Can I use debit/credit card to order online?

We are continuously working to make our website user friendly, customer will be notified once this option is available,

Q.) How do I track my order?

Once your order is dispatched you will be notified via email or message.

Q.) Where can I view my order history?

On the email address which you have mentioned while ordering.

Q.) How do I know my order is confirmed / you have received my order?

You will get a mail regarding the confirmation of your order.

Q.) Can I add items to my order once I have confirmed the order?

You can still add your order until you get a confirmation call or mail. After that it is not possible to add a product.

Q.) Is it safe to use debit/credit card to make payments online to Umtaro?

Yes we at Umtaro does not share any personal details with third parties

Q.) How do I lodge a complaint?


Q.) If an item is out-of-stock, how will I be informed of re-stocking?

Stay tuned to our website and social media.

Q.) Does price of shirts include shipping costs?

Shipping cost is free with in Pakistan, for international orders customers have to pay the shipping cost. On order above 200USD shipping charges will be free.

Q.) Can I get my order exchanged?

Yes, size issue, change of preference would be exchanged. Used shirts, body odor, stained shirts will not be exchanged.

Q.) Will I be spammed by Umtaro if I share my email ID?

Only if you opt for this option.